TPR Virtual Run

TPR Virtual Run 500km

Sep. 12-26, 2020


1. Each team must be composed of four runners, any gender combination. Each member will run a total of 125KM for 15 days

  • 1.1. In case a runner cannot accomplish the total distance needed, his/her teammates can compensate for the distance needed as long as the lagging runner must complete at least a total of 80km.

2. You can run anywhere – road, trail, mixed, track, or treadmill. (LGU/IATF guidelines being observed e.g. social distancing, curfew)

3. Join the “TPR Virtual Run” Strava group and record your runs using Strava App (Set to ‘Everyone’) or a GPS watch linked to Strava.


  • 3.1. No minimum distance is required per day.
  • 3.2. Multiple logs per day are allowed

4. The virtual run starts on September 12, 2020, at 5:00 am and ends on September 26, 2020, at 8:00 pm. 

  • 4.1. Runs logged before 5 AM of September 12 and after 8 PM of September 26 will not be counted.

5. Finishers will be ranked according to “no. of days completed” AND “total elapsed time” [Daily update will be posted.]

Team A (1 day, 80 hours)
Team B (2 days, 72 hours)
Team C (2 days, 68 hours)
Team D (5 days, 55 hours)

1st Team A
2nd Team C
3rd Team B
4th Team D

  • 5.1. We will also post a separate ranking of teams based only on the total time elapsed at the end of the event.


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2 thoughts on “TPR Virtual Run 500km”

  1. We would like to Thank the Organizers for Coming Up with this Virtual race…Being Free Event despite cost incurred in visualization and actual is a great help for everyone..THank You Very Much Po…God Bless You More…
    It is an avenue for us to continue maintaining a healthy and fit body…Being in this sports is no doubt has help each and every one to burn those extra fats and be physically fit. This event has gathered friends to be together despite that they are in different locations. The opportunity has also encourage other new friends and family to try and take the challenge…Some are first timers and i am personally happy and proud that they indeed join for what ever goal they have. This has brought encouragement to every member to be participative and to be supportive in what ever way. For Us some friends who cant jog or run have prepare Hot Coffee and snack which serves as aid station and we are grateful for it..God Bless you more…The updating so far for the past three days is very fast as given on the morning the next day…so far this is my personal experience as of this date..

  2. you guys are awesome! thanks for pushing and motivate us by coming up with this kind of virtual run challenge! on behalf of Pinoy Runners Arabia, i would like to extend our gratitude with this amazing kick ass opportunity to be part of this run. cool beans guys

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