Aurora Ultra

Aurora Ultra 2020

Certainty is uncertain.

TPR is as disheartened as the participants with the postponement of Aurora ULTRA 2020. Since the beginning, the organizing team has done so much effort to make this possible. The heartwarming response was overwhelming that the event became a dream we never had. Who would have thought that a pandemic toes the line before we do!

In the light of uncertainties, the best option we have is to indefinitely postpone this event.

TPR offers the participants the following:

  1. Deferment – participants are automatically registered on the next event/new schedule of the same category.
  2. Name transfer

– Email us at and follow the format:

Subject: AU2020 transfer

(Name) to (Name) (gender) (age) (qualifying race, if applicable)

  1. 50% refund

– Send us an email on or before Aug 15, 2020 at with the following format:

Subject: AU2020 refund

(Name) (Account number).

Processing of refund is from September 1-15, 2020.

Furthermore, deferred registrations of distance categories with qualifying races will be given considerations. (will be on a separate post)

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to still run if they want to, following safety precautions and abiding with the local government guidelines.

Better days are coming. We just don’t know yet. Let’s just do our part. Together, we will overcome.

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